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The Maids Route is a project of Stichting Erfgoed Urk. It is implemented by Urk historians Arjan Baarssen and Lucia de Vries. They are both descendants of maids and have been researching the topic.

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Concept and coordination I Lucia de Vries
Educational developer I Arjan Baarssen
Photography I Judith de Vries-Oost
Models and voices I Amy Post, Sanne de Boer, Fleur Gnodde, Tirza Bakker, Liza Bakker and Kjenta Visser (Musicalschool Light Up)
Audio Editor I Jauke van Dokkum
Design I Pieter Brouwer

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“While the Netherlands changed dramatically, Urker girls continued to pack their bags. Their financial contribution kept families and businesses afloat and gave women the opportunity to take a new step as newlyweds.”